I f we ask me any personal who is beyond 40 or 50 years of age,
what kind of death he is afraid of, his immediate reply would be that
he may have a sudden heart attack or stroke which may either kill him
or paralyze him. But sufferings of a cancer, asthmatic, diabetic and
arthritic patient are not lesser, though these may not kill suddenly.
I s it not true that the common cause of death in the world today
is heart failure, or any disease of the heart! AIDS, cancer or any other
disease cannot beat the occurrence of death due to heart failure or the
ailments of the heart.
After a long research, experimentation, and application on
various patients the science of Hari Om/Hare Krishna Vibrations
and Hari Om/Hare Krishna Sound and Breath Therapy, there
has emerged an advanced process which can prevent and cure the
diabetes in a few days. That is why the kings Acharyas, philosophers,
spiritualists, saints, yogis and the laymen lived a healthy, more than
hundred years long, vibrant life by uttering Hari Om/Hare Krishna and
doing Organ Meditation to generate Electromagnetic Energy in the
whole body. (How this energy is generated has been explained in the
T his book is mainly being written for a layman, a common man,
who can after reading this book can utilize the process of preventing
and curing diabetes of the self as well as advice others to prevent and
cure this disease and many a other chronic and incurable diseases.
Hari Om/Hare Krishna Vibrations combined with Yogic
postures, Mudras/Kiryas and Organ Meditation, become a unique
therapy for all major ailments/diseases that bring old age and death. If
this disease and other major diseases, as given in the text are reversed,
we can reverse the process of aging and diseasing and can also defy
death for a long time.
T here is an absolute necessity for all people with diabetes to learn
and understand as much as they can about their disease. Ignorance
about their disease can sometimes be very damaging and can be lethal.
Whatever be the modus operandi of the curative process information
about prevention of prime factors which produce complications of
diabetes is very essential. In our system of treatment, modalities like
islet cell transplantation, pancreas cell transplantation, new ways
of insulin delivery systems and new group of oral medicines which
reduce insulin resistance and any kind of other help in controlling
blood sugar levels become obsolete, as the pancreas cells themselves
become activated and charged with electromagnetic energy, thereby
becoming functional to produce their own insulin. But people with
diabetes do want to keep

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