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Think out of box

Roads to progress blocked

Time wheel somewhat locked

Down with speed

Apt time to skid

Take fresh breath

Why to talk of death

It was and is always there

It’ll remain all-time everywhere

Come out of fear

Loss of near dear

Always have to tackle

Break all your shackle

Not let rumors dampen spirit

Just collect strength and grit

No war can be won closing doors

Face it out with roars

Don’t wait for vaccine

Just concentrate on hygiene

Please don’t rattle

We have won too many battle

So come out fast

Herd immunity will last

Will weed it out actually

Like others destroyed factually

Creating panic is of no use

Stop everywhere power abuse

Chalk plan with sanity

And restore proper vanity

Start thinking out of box

Come out of this bloody hoax


(Original, all copyrights reserved)

Sanjeew Chowdhary

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