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With profound grief and deep sorrow, we pronounce the sudden and untimely call for the Heavenly Abode of Shri Amit Katyal, the beloved son of Smt  Manju Katyal & Shri Indra Katyal, loving husband of Smt. Shikha Katyal & favourite father of Master Sahaj Katyal, brother of Shri Sumit Katyal, his wife Smt. Pooja Katyal & daughter Ameesha on unfortunate date of 12.04.2021, residents of D-1/65, Janakpuri, New Delhi.

Dear Amit Katyal, an Alumni of IIT, Delhi, passed out as a Chemical Engineer, operating as an Independent Inventor/ Researcher having total experience of 27 years in the Hydrocarbon Sector in diverse segments like research and Technical Services has Invented Four New Technologies, which have been granted US/UK/INDIAN PATENTS and 18 Nos. of Chemical Simulation Softwares, which are being adjudged At Par with similar softwares developed by all the International Software Development Companies, whose Softwares are being used by our Indian hydrocarbon/ Oil & Gas/ Chemical Industries since last many decades, draining our Millions of USD for Renewal of Annual Licenses to use.

Amit has invented Four New Technologies for Water Treatment and Hydrocarbon Sectors. “Gas Hydrate Based Desalination Technology” provides a viable and viable Method & System to Desalinate High Salinity Brine using Gas-Hydrate Concept, which could de-saline highest salinity water and most of Industrial Effluents/ Sewage/ Sea Water out of Heavy Metals utilizing the Single Technology. “Horizontal Distillation Technology provides a Horizontal Solution to Vertical Tray Columns used in Refineries and other Chemical

Plants, being most environment friendly to check the unchecked emission of Toxic Fumes through high installed Towers and much lesser hazardous. The particular Technology was being Researched since last Ten Decades. “Simultaneous Evaporation and Condensation Distillation Technology” gives a more efficient and operationally flexible form of Distillation of Water and other Liquids to separate dissolved and suspended solids and miscible liquids, which could produce Potable Water in about 2~3 Paise/ Lt. “Atmospheric Water Generation Technology” gives a more efficient and flexible Technology for Generating Water out of Humid Atmosphere. Till date SEVEN Nos. of US/UK/INDIA PATENTS have been granted to first mentioned Three Technologies and granting of more Patents in the pipeline. Whereas A PCT Application has been filed for the “ATMOSPHERIC WATER GENERATION TECHNOLOGY”.

By the sudden, untimely and unfortunate demise of our Amit Katyal is not only an irreparable loss to his family, which has lost its 50 years well groomed value based “Anmol Ratna” and his friends but our INDIA India as well the whole UNIVERSE, which have lost a RARE TECHNOLOGY INVENTOR.

May GOD rest his pious soul in Eternal Peace and Heaven under his own shadow.      

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