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A Day to remember ..


Life – No one could ever decode the mystery of life .. Every day brings along with it a different colour , a different phase, a new desire and a beautiful hope . Same happened with me , it was as serene as the snow on the surface of the mountains , it was like a rainbow at the sea shore and most importantly it is  the ink to my pen even today ………

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever”- JOHN KEATS

Have you ever felt that sunshine is brightly spreading its sheen on you ? Have you ever felt that this is your final destination , you just want to hold on to it for life and forever ? Something of that sort happened to me when i was on the cruise in the Halong Bay , Vietnam. Water , Water everywhere and we sail in between , this even today gives me the bucket full of positive vibes. The fast winds told me the meaning of my own existence , existence that can only be felt . Every single breath explained me the ravish and dynamic nature of my soul .

The pompous waves hitting the bottom hard but crossing each destitution sailed us. All over the blue water , that withdrew the blues in life .. Far from us is the sky that seemed to kiss  the bay beyond reach. Was i a part of the rat race in the city? Was i unnecessarily a critic of my own ?
I could feel the bliss to be alive , the Utopia of nature and saintliness of water.

I discerned that the essence of life lies in the moments of ebullience and peace . The real people face the life that is served to them no matter cold or hot. So , just take a deep breath and pull your socks as life is the complete platter of all the wonderful dishes …. Just love and live your present. On every dark day i reimburse what the best it served me and gather all my horses to run even faster. Hence a thing of beauty is cherished life long and the essence never gets blurred ….

i still remember that day and how it moved me towards ” Optimism”. Thus ; before signing off i would say every day is a new page just be cautious about your calligraphy . So spread peace and happiness 

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