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On this International Yoga Day

Spirituality and YOGA are

T​he secret of ‘soul’ satisfaction

With our profound devotion,

​A​nd total self determination.

Achievements of life,

lie in the real renunciation,

Miraculous approach through

regular meditation,

Ideally it is the best training

​F​or the life’s perfection.

Prayers and Prayanayam are

​The paths to Almighty,

And accepting and appreciating

His unlimited Authority,

Rebuilding the confidence

with sacredness and sanctity,

Meeting with the “self”

with heart’s complete purity,

Entire world now accepts

and approves this great theory,

So, here lies the entire life’s

best ‘truthful success story’,

Heavens are created on earth

where people perform and obey,

Wealth of nature is in abundance,

and comes the smoothest way,

A beautiful experience of life,

well desired and well appreciated,

Really one gets a chance to understand

​W​hy life is so complicated,

Indeed we all are lucky that

​W​e got an opportunity to be associated,

– —- Jai Prakash Bhatia–

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